Early reviews 

“I think that your book is a very valuable book to have especially for first year social work students, it provides the foundation for learning. I particularly enjoyed the interactiveness of the book which has helped me immensly with my personal statement. I would definitely use this book to aid my practice once I get onto a social work programme! A great read!”

from a student point of view it is a well written book! I understood everything!

Sophie D, prospective social work student


“Overall, I think the book is an excellent idea. When I started out, I knew I wanted to be a social worker but didn’t really know what that meant. I certainly didn’t appreciate the number of different roles and functions one could pursue. The book provides very good insight and clarity regarding the opportunities.

It is easy to read – very accessible and gives a good overview of the world of ASC. I would recommend it to my first year students.” 

Lorna Wallace-Davies, Owner / Director of Change and Development Company, leadership mentor and registered social worker 


“I really, really enjoyed reading the book and found it helpful in working out some ideas for my future. It is unique in consisting of a wide-ranging overview of adult social care with a more personal, mentoring style of guidance. I thoroughly appreciated all the stories of current leaders. I would certainly recommend it to my friends and colleagues.”

Sophie K, post-graduate Public Administration student at Green Templeton College, University of Oxford


“I’d recommend the book as practical and positive, appealing to the heart and head. It’s personable and informing. The exercises are really useful. They get the reader involved in understanding what making a difference in social care means personally to them which makes the learning more holistic. It’s a possible refresher for people already in social care facing an impasse or redundancy. It helps them think what they want from their career in relation to brain, heart, money, recognition. Lovely!”

Maria Adebowale, Director of Living Space Project, a London leader for fair and greener jobs